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Alexey Vladimirovich  

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Up-to-date public version of my CV is available online.
Brief version:   pdf   doc
Full version:   pdf   doc

More information can be obtained in a desired format by a request. Typical turnaround is 2 business days.


A position of Oracle DBA, consultant or developer, Microsoft SQL DBA, UNIX administrator, systems administrator, or network administrator.

The best thing I do so far is Oracle Database administration.

Am I the best Oracle DBA? Hardly. Amongst the top ones? Definitely, check my CV to find out why me and lots of people I worked with think so.
Still not convinced? Check recommendations in my LinkedIn profile for further details.
Need to be double sure? Refer to the list of my certifications and training below and in my CV.
Prefer numbers? 13 years of DBA experience and hundreds of supported databases speak louder than me.

Why there are so many positions I could be interested in? Simple: because I do these things very well too. For example, I am a ready-made MS SQL DBA, UNIX, systems, network and/or IP telephony administrator. No learning curve, no warm up, just up and go.


  • "Have you tried yourself in applied wizardry?"
    Craig Gray, graduate trained in Vodafone NZ in 2014

  • "I have worked with Alexey for a number of years, and he has two great attributes — a huge knowledge of databases and how they work, and a willingness to impart this knowledge to other people."
    Mark Byrne, Integration Manager at Vodafone NZ, Ph. D.

  • "I can recommend Alexey as one of best-of-the-breed database professionals the industry can raise."
    Anton Kudinov, IT Infrastructure Engineer at NetCracker


Employment / Projects

The list is still growing. Certainly, it is incomplete. There are both successful and unsuccessful projects below. Most important projects are included in CV.
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